With the first league competition of the year fast approaching, clubs will be well underway with training up new and old members to ensure that everyone is prepared to compete, and prepared to have lots of fun doing so! After the University Welcome and Sports Fairs (read about those HERE), clubs hold several taster sessions in the fist couple of weeks of term. These sessions are designed to give potential new members an idea of what we do in Lifesaving, and what they can learn over the year if they decide to join. For the clubs, it is one of the best opportunities they have in the academic year to showcase Lifesaving as a sport, a social group and a valuable life skill and encourage new members to join the club and attend sessions regularly. 

Taster sessions vary from club to club, but generally include 'a little bit of everything' and try to provide everyone who attends some new first aid and lifesaving knowledge, even if they decide not to join for the year! Skills can include rescuing someone who is panicking by using a reach rescue, where the lifesaver remains on the side of the body of water and uses an aid (such as a pole or stick) to pull the panicking swimmer to the side, or throwing rescue, where a buoyant aid can be thrown to a swimmer in the water which they can then grab a hold of and use to assist themselves to safety. In terms of first aid skills on land, the recovery position is a quick and easy skill to teach, but also extremely useful to know in day to day life! This also teaches students how to assess if an unconscious person is breathing, and when it is appropriate to call for an ambulance.

It is never too late to join a Lifesaving Club near you! Find your University and Lifesaving contact HERE!

Some photos from Lifesaving taster sessions across the country: