Everything you need to know about Bristol Competition 2017!

Provisional results for the competition can be found at: http://www.bulsca.co.uk/competitions/league-results

Competition report

The second competition of this season found us at Bristol on Saturday, 4th November with a total of 29 teams. With this competition being held only a week after Freshers’ competition in Nottingham, there was little time for teams to prepare and the increased complexity of the SERCs alongside a different league event definitely challenged some teams. Others surprised themselves with how well they were able to adapt to these events and we began to see some differentiation between teams as the day went on.

As usual, the competition began with the dry SERC, the brief for this competition was that the lifesaving team had gone along to help with a bar refurbishment and as the three team members entered the room they were faced with an unconscious non-breathing, injured arm, a person suffering from hypoglycaemia, an asthmatic and someone with a nail through their hand – definitely a gruesome casualty! The trick in this SERC was the delayed entry of the captain, which meant that teams had to prioritise fast and the communicate well with the captain once they were allowed in the room.

The dry SERC was won by Birmingham A, with Loughborough B coming second and Loughborough A achieving third. Birmingham A gained the top marks in the Overall category, the phone and with treating the unconscious non-breathing. Loughborough A scored the highest for treatment of the hypoglycaemic and the injured arm and Loughborough B won the bleeding hand and asthmatic casualties.

The story behind the wet SERC was a riverside walk gone wrong. As the team entered, they could see that both the main 25m pool and the shallow learner pool were in use; the learner pool had an unconscious and in the main pool were numerous casualties of various degrees of distress. The boundaries of this SERC often meant that team members were working independently in different areas and so communication between team and captain and between team members was crucial. Added to this was the late entry of a further two casualties; the aim of this was to force captains to reprioritise and redistribute team members correctly. Several teams would like to highlight the excellent acting of the casualties within this SERC (especially the asthmatic) particularly considering none had lifesaving experience, and thank them for giving up their Saturday to help with the competition.

The wet SERC was won by Loughborough A, with Bristol A in second and Warwick A in 3rd. Only six points separated Bristol and Warwick so it definitely was a closely fought event. In the B league, the results were even tighter: Bristol B claimed gold here, only one point in front of Birmingham B who came third, followed by Loughborough C.

The overall category was claimed by Birmingham A and the phone won by Loughborough G. The hypothermic head bleed and panicking swimmer with angina were won by Bristol A, only 0.5 points ahead of Birmingham C. The choking diabetic was won by Birmingham B, again only 0.5 points ahead of Birmingham F. The unconscious non-breathing and broken arm casualties were won by Keynsham A – a local community team who attend each year and always manage to teach university teams about first aid treatments and SERCs. Birmingham B won the unconscious breathing and leg graze/elbow bleed casualties and were over 20 points clear of the next team. Finally, Birmingham A also claimed a casualty win with the hypothermic asthmatic panicking swimmer.

Eight teams managed to get all four casualties in for the Rope Throw event, an increase of three teams from Nottingham Competition. Birmingham A claimed gold here, followed by Bristol B and Loughborough B. Highlights from the clubs were Jack for managing to knot the rope around the flag line and Hannah Gunn for an absolutely amazing throw.

The league event at Bristol competition was Obstacles and Loughborough A led the way, winning overall gold in this event and breaking the BULSCA record – congratulations! They were followed by Loughborough C in second and Loughborough B in third. In the A league, Swansea A came second, Bristol A third and in the B league Loughborough E came third after C and B.

The final event of the day was Swim and Tow; this event again demonstrated how fast Loughborough are in the Speed events so far, this season. It was a record-breaking gold for Loughborough A, second place for Loughborough C and third for Loughborough B. Bristol A and Birmingham A gave everything they could to try and close the gap behind Loughborough and managed 2nd and 3rd in the A league respectively. Loughborough E came in only one second behind Bristol A and ahead of Birmingham A to take 5th overall and therefore securing a third place B league finish.

Birmingham would like to highlight the outstanding achievement of Fresher Wei-Lun in the swim-tow event but also in the competition as a whole. Wei-Lun started lifesaving this year with virtually no swimming experience and taught himself to swim in two weeks so that he could attend training and now, in six weeks, has completed his first ever lifesaving competition. Birmingham are so proud of you Wei-Lun and are excited to compete and train with you for the rest of the season!

Warwick would like to highlight the excellent teamwork from Andrew Scoones during this competition; Andrew battled a difficult knee injury to make sure his team could finish all the events and his team are honoured to compete with him.

Finally, well-deserved congratulations go to Gaby and the rest of Bristol in organising the whole competition. Next up will be Sheffield in a couple of weeks’ time where teams will show off how hard they’ve been working and attempt to win those 10 coveted league points!


See you in Sheffield!