The first league competition of the year was held on Saturday 10th November, and the long awaited results have been finalised! The fist competition, otherwise know as the Fresher's competition, was organised by and held at the University of Bristol. At the Fresher's competition, fresher's teams are encourage to compete and count towards the BULSCA B league - these teams must consist of at least 3 members who are new to lifesaving and must have at least one male and one female member.


The day started as normal - with teams heading to isolation and judges and helpers collating at the Student's Union where the SERCs and speed events were held. After everything was set up, the first teams were sent up to officially begin the competition season! The dry SERC was set at Leigh Delamere Service Station on the M4, and included an unconscious non-breathing casualty with a hidden grape inside their mouth, unconscious breathing casualty, someone with glass in their hand, a hypoglycaemic diabetic, a panicking casualty and a Costa manager who broke their wrist. The phone proved a challenge to find in this scenario, with only 7 out of the 36 teams successfully obtaining the phone off Heidi and making a phone call! Loughborough D came out on top with the highest number of points in this SERC, followed by Loughborough F in 2nd and Sheffield A in 3rd place.


After the dry SERC, teams made their way down to the aquatic SERC. This SERC was set in a marine lake, where the team were called in as back up lifesavers to help with the safety cover for the public using the lake. Another volunteer lifesaver was able to help with the casualties once they were on land, which included locked swimmers, 2 non-panicking swimmers, one suffering from a heart attack, an asthmatic and a swimmer panicking about his friend, who was an unconscious non-breathing casualty under the water. There was a lifeguard hut in the SERC, where the teams would be able to find a landline phone, mobile phone, first aid kit and the other lifeguard who was unconscious and not breathing. After excellent prioritisation and scenario control, Bristol C achieved 3rd place, Loughborough A received the highest 'overall' judge marks and came in 2nd and Bristol A came in 1st place after demonstrating their range of skills all-round. 


The third event of the day was the rope throw relay, which proved to be a challenge for many, with only 4 teams managing to get all 4 members in without penalties. Warwick A showcased their throwing skills after coming 1st in this race, followed by Birmingham A in second and Loughborough A in third. The final speed event of the day was the obstacle relay, where lifesavers must dive under a gate in the middle of the lane, but is otherwise a 4x50m sprint! Loughborough A fulfilled their need for speed, coming in first place, followed by Swansea B in 2nd and Loughborough B in 3rd.


The results were announced after everyone was fed and bedazzled ready for the sparkly social to conclude the opening BULSCA competition weekend. As mentioned previously, the fresher's teams were the counting teams for the B league in this competition, and the results are as follows:

1 - Sheffield B

2 - Loughborough B

3 - Loughborough G

4 - Birmingham E

5 - Loughborough C

6 - Loughborough E

7 - Birmingham B

8 - Loughborough F

9 - Bristol B

10 - Loughborough D

11 - Birmingham C

12 - Warwick B

13 - Southampton B

14 - Birmingham D

15 - Swansea B

16 - Plymouth B


The A league results are as follows:

1 - Loughborough A

2 - Bristol A

3 - Warwick A

4 - Birmingham A

5 - Nottingham A

6 - Sheffield A

7 - Southampton A

8 - Plymouth A

9 - Swansea A


The top 3 from each league received medals - congratulations to all and special congratulations to the freshers who competed, we hope to see you back at the next competition!


With all teams and all results taken in to account, the overall top 3 teams received a spectacular holographic plate to commemorate their achievements;

1 - Bristol A

2 - Loughborough A

3 - Bristol C


The full results and break-down of SERC marks/ speed times can be found HERE! Another congratulations to all teams who competed, it's great to see all returning lifesavers again and amazing to welcome so many new faces to the BULSCA community! Also many many thanks to all the helpers and officials, who it would have been impossible for the day to run so smoothly without, and to Bristol for organising and running a fantastic competition and all round great weekend. 


Bristol A - 1st Overall, 2nd in the A league                                           Loughborough A - 1st in the A league, 2nd Overall

Bristol C - 3rd Overall