Read below for the Birmingham Competition 2018 report...



The penultimate competition of the BULSCA League 2017/2018 was hosted by the University of Birmingham Lifesaving Club on Saturday 21st April in Harborne. After a break from training over Easter, all the clubs were keen to prove that no skills had been forgotten. 21 teams entered the competition from eight different universities.


The day began with a dry SERC which was located outside. The theme for this SERC was a hiking incident with minimum casualties but all requiring multiple treatments. In addition, the captain was not allowed into the SERC until after 30 seconds had passed as they had been left behind to take photos on the hike. What this showed was a clear differentiation between those teams that were solely dependent on their captains to be their eyes and ears in the SERC and those who were able to rely on each other as a three to prioritise the casualties and make a start on critical treatments.


In terms of the overall marks for this event, Birmingham A came first with 62.5, Loughborough D came second with 61 and Loughborough C third with 60.5. Twelve teams made a phone call in this SERC, with the winning call being made by Loughborough B, second place went to Bristol A and third to Birmingham A.


The first two casualties in this SERC were the unconscious non-breathing and the unconscious breathing, both found inside the tent. Some excellent CPR skills were demonstrated across the competition here, despite the cramped conditions and the occasional inclement weather. First place went jointly to Birmingham A and Loughborough A who both scored 94.5/105 available marks. Third place went to Loughborough D who were only 0.5 points behind on 94.


The asthmatic with bleeding hands and the choking (full blockage) diabetic was best treated by Birmingham A, followed by Nottingham A in second and Loughborough A in third. Finally, the rock-climber who had fallen from a height with multiple broken bones, bleeds and hypothermia was won by Warwick A, with Loughborough B in second and Nottingham A in third.


The overall placings for the dry SERC were: Birmingham A in first place, Loughborough D in second and Loughborough B in third. For the A league, Loughborough A claimed second place and Bristol A came third and Loughborough C gained third place in the B league.


The second event of the day was the Wet SERC. The scenario the teams were met with here was a river with the team split in half and separated.


The overall category was won by Sheffield A, followed by Birmingham A and then Sheffield B in third. Only three teams managed to make a phone call in this SERC and it was won by Birmingham A. Second place went to Loughborough A with Loughborough E in third.


The unconscious non-breathing casualty at the bottom of the pool and the casualty suffering from heat exhaustion were won by Loughborough A. Second place went to Nottingham A and third to Warwick A.


The panicking casualty with a grazed knee and the hypothermic non-panicking swimmer were won by Plymouth A, followed by Birmingham E in second and Birmingham B in third.

The unconscious breathing casualty with a head injury and the casualty with the broken arm were won by Warwick A. Bristol D and Loughborough A came join second in this casualty. The final judges’ marks regarding the panicking and the non-panicking swimmer with internal bleeding were won by Birmingham A, followed by Sheffield A in second. Third place went to Loughborough C.


The overall placings for the wet SERC were Loughborough in first, Birmingham A in second and Sheffield A in third. For the B league, first place went to Birmingham B, second to Birmingham D and third to Loughborough C.


With the SERC events finished, it was on to the Speeds. As always, rope throw was up first. In this event, seven teams managed to achieve all four people in within the time limit, one more team than the previous competition in Southampton. Birmingham A claimed first place here with a time of 1:34.31, followed by Loughborough B and then Bristol A. In the A league, Loughborough A came third and in the B league, Birmingham B came second and Bristol B third.


The next event was the Manikin relay, the overall placings for this event were Loughborough B in first, Loughborough A in second and Loughborough C in third. For the A league, Birmingham A came second and Bristol A third. For the B league, Loughborough D came third.


The final event of the day was the swim and tow; this event again saw a hat trick of podium results for Loughborough. Their B team claimed first overall followed by Loughborough A and then Loughborough C. Birmingham A and Bristol A managed second and third in the A league respectively whilst Bristol B claimed third in the B league.


The results of all these events culminated in the following competition results; the overall competition was won by Birmingham A with Loughborough A in second and Loughborough B in third. For the league results, 10 points went to Birmingham A and Loughborough B. Second places went to Loughborough A and Loughborough C and third places went to Bristol A and Loughborough D.


After all the events were finished, Birmingham provided t-shirts for every competitor, body, helper and judge to wear at the social – a great way of bringing everyone together at the end of the day. Finally, we would like to thank the Birmingham committee for a brilliant competition and we look forward to seeing you all in Loughborough in only a few days’ time.