Due to the national lockdown, the BULSCA AGM will take place online this year. This page will be updated and information will be sent out over email closer to the meeting.

Date: Saturday the 9th of May 2020
Time: 10:00am
Location: ~~the internet~~     (Likely using conference calling web service 'Jitsi Meet'*.)

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

All BULSCA committee positions for 2019/2020 are up for election. These roles are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Development, Data Manager, Championships Coordinator, Communications Secretary and Club Recruitment. You are free to put yourself forward at the AGM. Please get in touch with the BULSCA Secretary to arrange your attendance to the meeting.

This year's BULSCA Awards have now closed and the results will be announced at the AGM before being announced on our social media accounts.

This year's mid-season general meeting minutes can be found here.

The proposals and competition bids received are listed below.
The BULSCA committee's discussion of the proposals and their recommendations can be found here.

Proposals received for discussion:
1 - League Structure Reform 1
2 - League Counting Team Application
3 - Competition Results and Awards Reform
4 - League Structure Reform 2 
5 - League Structure Reform 3 
6 - Officials Uniform Update

Competition bids (in order received):

1 - Loughborough Competition Application
     Loughborough Finance Application

2 - Birmingham Competition Application
     Birmingham Finance Application

3 - Bristol Competition Application
     Bristol Finance Application

4 - Warwick Competition Application
     Warwick Finance Application

5 - Southampton Competition Application
      Southampton Finance Application

6 - Sheffield Competition Application
      Sheffield Finance Application

7a - Nottingham Competition Application
      Nottingham Finance Application

7b - Nottingham Freshers Competition Application
      Nottingham Freshers Finance Application


*Jitsi Meet is an end-to-end encrypted, open-source piece of conference calling software that can be used through a browser on a laptop without using an app, or with an app on a mobile device. Read more here: https://jitsi.org/