This year, we presented three BULSCA awards for the first time! The aim of the awards, which will be presented annually, is to recognise exceptional performance, commitment and enthusiasm towards Lifesaving sport. The three awards are:

  • BULSCA Club of the Year - awarded to the club which has shown commitment to promotion of Lifesaving both within the University and wider community.
  • BULSCA Volunteer of the Year - awarded to an individual who has shown unrivalled commitment to Lifesaving and promoting Lifesaving activities within their club, branch and region. This individual has made a significant impact in Lifesaving.
  • BULSCA Lifesaver of the Year - awarded to the BULSCA Lifesaver who has shown exceptional achievement in the field of Lifesaving.

Individuals within BULSCA were given the opportunity to nominate fellow Lifesavers and clubs for each award. Nominations were reviewed and voted on by either the committee, or the clubs themselves, and the awards were presented to the winners at the end of Loughborough competition, marking the end of another successful competitive season of BULSCA Lifesaving. 


Winner of the BULSCA Club of the Year award: University of Sheffield Lifesaving Club



Winner of the BULSCA Lifesaver of the Year award: Harry Withers, University of Birmingham Lifesaving Club



Winner of the BULSCA Volunteer of the Year award: Jared Wray, University of Bristol Lifesaving Club