Loughborough comp 2018 report


The 28th April 2018 saw the final league competition of the year held by Loughborough University Lifesaving Club. 25 teams entered from 9 different clubs, this was the last chance for teams to gain points towards the A and B league tables!

The competition began with a very dark dry SERC, which was set at night time with one member of the team entering the scene carrying a first aid kit 40 seconds after everyone else. Casualties included unconscious breathing and non-breathing, an asthmatic, choking, fractured foot, someone with another fracture and bruising, a bleeding knee and someone stuck up a. Only one team, Birmingham A, was awarding marks for treatment of the bruises.

Loughborough A scored the winning number of marks, Loughborough D came second and in third place was Birmingham C.

Effective communication was weighted very heavily, which was to be expected considering that the ability of sight was more or less removed. Both teams from Sheffield proved that they like talking to each other, as they each scored the highest mark awarded for this element.

As always, the wet SERC followed shortly after with the added bonus of a first aid kit upgrade (full as apposed to the travel sized required for the dry). Set at a hotel beach, the team entered on a sandbank where a casualty with a bleeding hand was sat. After swimming across to the beach they would find an unconscious non breathing child hidden behind an umbrella along with said first aid kit, a bag containing various items and a folded towel in which a phone could be found (or thrown into the water in the case of Bristol B) if unravelled. Casualties in the water included an asthmatic, body on bottom, a seizing casualty, non-swimmer, weak swimmer and a guy chilling on a big floaty rubber ring, complete with sun glasses.

6 out of 25 teams made a phone call, with 112 being the magic number; Birmingham A scored the most marks for their phone call. Overall, Loughborough C scored the most marks, Loughborough A came in second and Birmingham A followed closely behind in third place.

7 teams were successful with getting all of their casualties in during the rope throw; Birmingham A took first place with a time of 1:25.53, almost 10s fast than the prior competition! Loughborough B came second and Loughborough A third in this event.

The second speed event, medley relay saw Loughborough A as the winners, achieving a time of 1:44.19, followed by Loughborough E in second and Loughborough B in third.

The final league event of the season was the trusty swim and tow, everyone’s most anticipated relay! Teams should know the drill by now: float a couple of lengths, swim a couple of lengths and tow a person a couple of lengths – not in that order for the first swimmer who gets a diving start. Loughborough A came first with a time of 6:03.29. Loughborough C came in second and Loughborough B were third.

But the competing portion of the day was not quite finished! Some extra pool time allowed for a friendly 4x50m freestyle relay and a judges rope throw whooo! Ben proved that he still has it, despite his rope throw record being beaten at champs earlier this year, with a winning time of between 11-12 seconds. Second place in judges rope throw was about 15 seconds.

Announcement of the competition results followed fish and chips. Medals were awarded to the top three teams in their respective A an B leagues, with Bristol A and Loughborough C taking home bronze medals, Loughborough D and Birmingham A taking silver and finally taking the gold medals were Loughborough A and Loughborough B. In terms of overall results, Loughborough A came first, Birmingham A second and Loughborough B third. Loughborough A were also awarded their competition trophy (because they were the winners).

The final A and B league results were also announced, as this was the last competition of the year! The league trophies were presented to the overall winning A and B league teams from the whole year. Loughborough took away both trophies, proving a very successful competition, and year, for them – congratulations! The final league results for the year can be found on the website under ‘competitions – League results’.

Of course, the day was topped off with celebrations by all at an excellent social complete with wavy garms.

Congratulations to George and the rest of Loughborough for hosting another fantastic competition which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance!

Congratulations to everyone who has competed, helped, bodied and judged at any one or all of the competitions this year – you’ve all worked hard and it definitely goes to show when the standard of competition and running of competitions is so high! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this year, we hope to see you back in future competitions fulfilling a different role to competitor! Good luck to everyone with any exams you may have, see you next year along with your new freshers (some of whom will have been born in 2000…)!