Everything you need to know about Nottingham Competition 2017 (aka FRESHERS COMP)

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 Competition report:

BULSCA kicked off its’ 2017/18 season in Nottingham on Saturday 28th October. Thirty-three teams from eight separate universities competed and of these, nineteen were ‘Fresher’ teams. ‘Fresher’ teams are a special requirement of the first competition of the season – for three of the four team members it was there first time competing for their University at a BULSCA competition.


The day started with a Dry SERC, the theme for this SERC was that the teams had gone out for dinner in a pizzeria when they faced an unconscious child, someone suffering with chest pains, a distressed father and multiple other casualties with varying degrees of injuries. A particular highlight in this SERC mentioned by several competitors was the use of chicken soup to simulate vomit on the unconscious child. Something that became more noticeable and pungent as the day progressed. The trick to succeeding in this SERC was not to forget to check the Managers’ Office marked on the Team Brief; the phone and the first aid kit could be found in there. Fresher team, Birmingham B managed to score the highest overall marks in this SERC, an exciting result for a team that has only had a few weeks to train together – a real achievement and resulted in 5th overall. The results of this event also highlighted two other promising Fresher teams, Sheffield B and Birmingham D who came 4th and 3rd respectively.


The Wet SERC saw teams being briefed that they were running late to a Waterpolo match and were met with an unconscious lifeguard, an asthmatic, a distressed bystander amongst other casualties. Spotting the torpedo buoy still attached to the unconscious lifeguard got most teams off to a great start – armed with their ‘floatie’ (as dubbed by a Birmingham fresher) they were confident to begin rescuing the water based casualties. Something that started to separate teams was the speed of which the quiet asthmatic in the corner of the pool was identified and treated, and the same goes for the B.O.B (Body On the Bottom). Remembering to send someone back to reception also ensured that some teams managed to make themselves stand out! Birmingham B, Loughborough C and Loughborough D were the stand out Fresher teams in this event taking the top three Freshers’ rankings and coming 7th, 8th and 10th in the overall rankings – fighting off competition from more experienced A teams.


After the initiatives, it was time for the Speed events. Rope throw was first and many Freshers were dubious as to whether they would be able to get their ropes out with a block and a plinth to deal with. Nevertheless, five teams managed to get all their ropes out with Swansea B leading the way, closely followed by Birmingham A in 2nd and Loughborough A in 3rd. For the Freshers’ league, it was a tie of three team members in for Nottingham B, Loughborough B and Loughborough F, Birmingham D and Warwick B.


In the Manikin league event, Loughborough A and Loughborough B came out on top, taking 1st and 2nd respectively, a very impressive feat for Fresher team Loughborough B! Birmingham A took a very credible 3rd place in this event (2nd in A league), followed by Bristol A gaining a 3rd in the A league. Loughborough C and Bristol B scored 2nd and 3rd in the B league respectively resulting in some fierce competition between these three clubs as all looked to demonstrate the hard work and training of the last few weeks.


Finishing with such a daunting event such as swim and tow definitely didn’t put any Fresher teams off. After watching an exciting finish between 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the first heat of A team, every Fresher was determined to show their club what they could do. The loudest cheers in this event came from swimmers who had finished their leg and were committed to cheering on their own team, but also the other teams in their heat – a real show of great sportsman ship was on show here from everyone in BULSCA. Nottingham B’s highlight was seeing their team of Freshers manage to smile after they’d completed the event – no doubt they were thinking of the social already…


After being whisked off to the social to relax and eat food – all in ‘Heroes and Villains’ themed fancy dress, there was a long night of dancing and celebrating the fantastic results of the first competition of the year. Whilst Warwick A and Bristol C’s highlight of the competition was the social - Birmingham F’s highlight was the chicken burger – so at least there was something for everyone!


Congratulations to Birmingham whose Fresher team walked away with 10 points for the B league and to Loughborough who won the overall competition and scored 10 points for the A league – both teams faced difficult competition to come out on top. Loughborough also claimed the silver medal for the Freshers’ league with Sheffield coming in third – massive congratulations to all of these Freshers – most of whom had never tried Lifesaving before!


Finally, all that remains is to thank Hannah and Nottingham for organising such a fantastic competition that really set the standard high for the rest of the year.


See you all at Bristol!


Left: Loughborough A: Winners of A league and overall competition
Right: Birmingham B: Winners of B league