Ragley Crawl was an RLSS open water festival held in Warwickshire in May. Several members of the University of Birmingham Lifesaving Club went to volunteer for the festival and would like to share their volunteering experiences.

The day began with competitor and former Olympian Professor Greg Whyte giving a talk to the other swimmers giving them advice and answering their questions. We found this motivating and massively insightful and it really helped set the tone for the festival and build anticipation for the competitors.

We helped throughout the day signing people in, directing to marshalling and then cheered people on as well as handing out medals at the finishing line. Without spoiling the illusion, we were also given a unique insight into the RLSS mascot Perry as he got involved in the warm ups and congratulating race finishers as well as featuring in many people’s pictures including one with Greg and the other medallists in the race.

At the end of the swim, the lifeguards who’d been lifeguarding the event from paddle boards gave everyone, including us as volunteers, a go on the boards which was a really cool opportunity and actually not as difficult as it looks!