The RLSS have an annual ceremony to give thanks to some of the most dedicated and long-standing volunteers within this organisation. This year, three members of BULSCA received awards.

The awards fall into two categories; the first is for longstanding service, the second is for exceptional commitment to the RLSS at either a club, branch, regional or National level. Both awards are given to nominees who have worked hard to support the aims of the RLSS and eligible nominees extend from young lifesavers to those that have achieved 50 years of service.

Michael Kirkham, BULSCA chair received a Certificate of Thanks for his length of service and volunteering within the RLSS. Josh Hale and Luke Peel, both members of the BULSCA committee also, received this award as well. In addition, Josh Hale received a Certificate of Merit for his contribution to his region - an outstanding achievement on its own but coupled with his Certificate of Thanks shows a strong commitment to Lifesaving.