Sheffield Competition 2017 report can be found here!

The third competition of the 2017-18 was held on Saturday 18th November at Sheffield University. Twenty-nine teams travelled to participate in the competition, including Oxbridge who were attending their first competition of the season! With Loughborough teams holding on to first place in both leagues; they were determined to maintain their early lead in the season, whilst all other clubs were looking to win those 10 league points away from them, it was always going to be an exciting competition.


The first event of the day was the dry SERC with a myriad of casualties. Despite Birmingham A winning the overall category, the phone, unconscious non-breathing, panicking bystander, heart attack and bleeding arm categories, it was Loughborough B who claimed gold. They were followed by Loughborough A in 2nd and Birmingham A 3rd. Loughborough A did win the sleeping bystander and security casualties but it was Loughborough B’s consistency which resulted in an overall win. In the final casualty category of a hypoglycaemic, a seizure and an additional bystander, Birmingham B claimed gold, this was enough to give them 2nd place in the B teams, followed by Loughborough E in 3rd. Loughborough E deserve a particular mention since three of their members were freshers; with two members from the development squad and two from the performance squad. Considering that they achieved a third-place finish in the overall B league as well, it was a successful day for them! Congratulations are also in order for Sheffield A who gained 3rd place in the A teams at their home competition. This event was incredibly close, with only seven points separating the top three teams.


In order to succeed in the wet SERC, consistency was key. No single team won more than more category, and the overall winner of the event, Loughborough B did not win any. They won gold through consistently scoring high across the range of casualties present to them. They were followed by Bristol A in second place and Warwick A in 3rd. For the A teams; Loughborough A came 3rd. In the B league, Loughborough E came 2nd and Birmingham C, 3rd.


In terms of categories in the wet SERC, Birmingham A won overall and Nottingham C won radio call to reception. The asthmatic and hypoglycaemic casualties were won by Birmingham C; a full ten points ahead of the next team, Birmingham B. The bleed and broken arm casualties were won by Warwick A. The panicking, non-panicking and bystander casualties were won by Loughborough A – nearly 15 points ahead of next team Loughborough C. Finally, the bystander, diabetic and unconscious non-breathing were won by Bristol B. Despite the variation in teams winning categories, only eleven points separated the top five teams.


Special congratulations go to Loughborough B for their double win in both the SERCs, such a result is rarely seen in the same competition, and is even more impressive when achieved by a B team.


The rope throw event at this competition gave the best results of the season so far; ten teams managed to get all four team members in to register a time. First place in this event went to Birmingham A, 2nd to Swansea A and 3rd to Birmingham B. For the A teams, Bristol A came in 3rd and Warwick B and Sheffield B gained 2nd and 3rd places in the B league respectively.


The speed events at Sheffield were tough – the pool was 33 m in length, the extended distance benefiting some teams who prefer the speed side of lifesaving and testing the fitness of others! In the Medley event, Loughborough A came 1st, eight seconds in front of second place Loughborough C. Birmingham A came third overall with Bristol A achieving 3rd in the A teams, followed by Warwick A. Birmingham B and Loughborough E took 2nd and 3rd place in the B league (6th and 7th overall).


Finishing off the days’ events was the extended distance swim and tow. Again, Loughborough A showed their enthusiasm for this event, finishing a whole minute ahead of Loughborough B who took 2nd place. Loughborough D narrowly missed out by a second and gained 3rd. For the A teams, Bristol A came 2nd and Birmingham A 3rd. For the B teams, Loughborough C came 3rd. For Oxbridge A, it was their first competition of the season and the feeling of inclusivity when every person cheered them really demonstrated a brilliant team spirit from all of BULSCA.


Massive congratulations go to Loughborough A for scoring ten points for the A league, continuing their unbroken streak at every competition this year. Birmingham B also delivered an exceptional performance to gain ten points for the B league – the B league stands at a joint tie between Birmingham and Loughborough, meaning that Warwick competition will be an exciting one for the B league as Sheffield and Bristol are also competing for third place!


Sheffield would like to say the following: Ellie Simms pretty much single-handedly organised this whole competition. She thought of every little detail and made sure it was covered. We had an unexpectedly large amount of team entries, and Ellie handled it very well, by organising for the pool to have extra lanes put in.

She spent sleepless nights ensuring everything was going to plan, and it did! She is too modest to admit it, but she did a wonderful job and everyone at Sheffield are super proud of her.


Finally, congratulations to all those that competed and volunteered at the competition and look forward to seeing you at Warwick!