The second BULSCA league competition was held by the University of Sheffield on November 24th. Lifesavers from across the country reunited once more, the newer members with more confidence this time round, after a successful fresher's competition! The order of the day was as standard: the teams wait in isolation until it is their turn to complete the dry and aquatic SERCs. When all the teams have had opportunity to treat fictional casualties to the best of their ability, it was time to re-visit the rope throw relay before the speed event, which was the medley relay, and finish the competition with the swim and tow.


With the best marks from the overall judge, Warwick A came first in the dry SERC, followed by Loughborough D in second and Loughborough C in third, which both of these teams scored some of the highest awarded marks for the choking and unconscious breathing casualties.


Bristol A scored the most points in the wet SERC, with the highest scores from the Overall judge and for the unconscious non-breathing casualty. Loughborough A scored the second highest amount of points, with scores for their rescue and treatments of the locked swimmers and unconcious breathing casualties among the highest awarded. In third place was Loughborough F, who had the highest scores awarded for the treatments of the unconscious breathing casualty and the casualty with a head bleed.


In the rope throw relay, 7 teams successfully got all 4 competitors in without penalty. In the medley relay, the first swimmer swims 50m, the second swims 50m with fins, the third swimmer swims 50m with a torpedo buoy which they hand to the 4th swimmer at the end of their leg, before holding on the the tube part of the buoy for the fourth swimmer, who for their leg must tow the third swimmer using the torpedo buoy for 50m whilst wearing fins. Loughborough A and B came in 1st and 2nd place respectively, with Warwick A in 3rd. The final relay of the day as usual was the swim and tow relay, in which Loughborough A stormed ahead, finishing in 1st place, followed by Warwick A in 2nd and Loughborough C in 3rd.


A League positions:

1 - Loughborough A

2 - Bristol A

3 - Birmingham A

4 - Warwick A

5 - Nottingham A

6 - Sheffield A

7 - Plymouth A


B League positions:

1 - Birmingham B

2 - Loughborough D

3 - Bristol B

4 - Loughborough B

5 - Warwick B

6 - Loughborough C

7 - Sheffield B

8 - Nottingham B

9 - Birmingham C

10 - Loughborough E

11 - Warwick C

12 - Sheffield C

13 - Birmingham D

14 - Warwick D


Overall top 3:

1 - Loughborough A

2 - Bristol A

3 - Birmingham A


The full results, along with a breakdown of times and marks, can be found HERE!


This competition really showcased the supportive community that is BULSCA, with all of its members from every University encouraging and cheering on teams to complete the swim and tow, which was longer than normal due to the pool being 33m in length instead of 25m and tested the competitors' endurance to the max! The organisers, judges and helpers did a fantastic job on the day, working together to ensure that the competition ran almost exactly to time, with the last race finishing with only 1 minute to spare! As always, many many thanks to everyone who helped, judged, competed and organised and a big well done to all of the teams!


 Loughborough A - 1st in A league and 1st overall















Bristol A - 2nd in A league and 2nd Overall 













 Birmingham A - 3rd in A league and 3rd overall

 Birmingham B - 1st in B league

 Loughborough D - 2nd in B leag

Bristol B - 3rd in B league