Southampton competition report has now been published. Please see below for further information...


After a few months break between competitions, it was time for Southampton to host the first competition of 2018. The competition was held on Saturday 17th February and was attended by 18 teams from seven different universities.


The first event of the day was, as always, the dry SERC. This was set by Southampton alumni Richard and featured the team arriving at a screening of a film which had gone horribly awry. There were multiple casualties scattered around the room, amongst the props that Richard had gathered which represented a multitude of items all with a hidden meaning!


In terms of the overall marks for this event, Loughborough B came first with a score of 71.5, very closely followed by Warwick A with 71 in second and Birmingham E in third with 69. In terms of the phone call marks (which included points for speed of pressing the ‘Big Red Emergency Button’), the highest points (53) again went to Loughborough B, they were followed by Birmingham A in second and a joint third which was shared between Loughborough D, Warwick A, Birmingham B and Bristol A.


The first casualty in this SERC suffered from a closed fracture and a heart attack, this casualty was won by Southampton A. Loughborough A claimed second place here only 0.5 points behind and Birmingham A achieved third. The highest marks scored for the choking and bystander were gained by Birmingham C, followed by Birmingham B in second and Birmingham F in third.


The penultimate casualty in this event was the bleeding hand, the winners in this category were Birmingham F. Birmingham A came second and Birmingham B came third for this casualty. Finally, the treatment of the unconscious non-breathing slumped in a chair was won by Birmingham A, followed by Loughborough B in second and Loughborough A in third.


The overall placings for the dry SERC were: Birmingham A in first place, Loughborough B in second and Birmingham C in third. For the A league, Southampton A claimed second place and Bristol A came third and Loughborough D gained third place in the B league.


The second event of the day was the Wet SERC. The scenario the teams were met with here was a fire alarm had been set off and there was an incident in the pool. Although wet casualties were minimal, plenty of marks were available for flawless treatment and considerate aftercare.


The overall category was won by Loughborough C, followed by Birmingham A and then Loughborough B in third. The phone call was won by Southampton A, followed by Loughborough A and Birmingham E in third.


The unconscious breathing casualty and bystanders were won by Birmingham B with Loughborough B in second. Third place for these casualties was tied between Bristol A and Warwick A. The weak swimmer and lifeguard were won by Loughborough B with Sheffield A in second. In third place came Bristol A.


The hypothermic casualty was won by Loughborough D with Birmingham A just one point behind in second. Birmingham F came third in this category. The final casualty was an unconscious non-breathing who had to be rescued from the water. This casualty was won by Birmingham A. Loughborough A came second for this casualty, 0.5 points ahead of Loughborough C who achieved third.


The overall placings for the wet SERC were: Loughborough B in first, Birmingham A in second and Loughborough C in third. For the A league, Loughborough A came second and Southampton A came third. For the B league, Birmingham B came third.


With the SERC events finished, it was on to the Speeds. As always, rope throw was up first and with only three heats per event there wasn’t a lot of rest for competitors. In this event, six teams managed to achieve all four people in within the time limit. Loughborough A claimed first place in this event, followed by Birmingham B and then Birmingham A. For the A league, third place was claimed by Warwick A and for the B league, second place was jointly shared between Bristol A and Birmingham D who both managed to get three people in.


The next event was the Obstacle relay, the overall placings for this event were Loughborough A in first, Loughborough B in second and Loughborough C in third. For the A league, Birmingham A came second and Warwick A third. For the B league, Loughborough D came third.


The final event of the day was the swim and tow; this event again saw some impressive results from Loughborough. Their A team claimed first overall followed by Loughborough B and then Loughborough C. Birmingham A and Warwick A managed second and third in the A league respectively whilst Loughborough D claimed third in the B league.


The results of all these events culminated in the following competition results; the overall competition was won by Birmingham A with Loughborough B in second and Loughborough A in third. For the league results, 10 points went to Birmingham A and Loughborough B. Second places went to Loughborough A and Loughborough D and third places went to Southampton A and Birmingham B.


After all the events were finished, Southampton treated us all to a Full English breakfast before a 60’s themed social. Finally, all that remains is to thank Andy and the Southampton committee for a fantastically run competition and to wish all clubs the best of luck in training for the BULSCA Student Championships which will be held in Bath in a few weeks time!