This article gives information on the upcoming competitions in 2017 that will kick off the BULSCA 2017/18 league season!

The first competition of the year will be held at Nottingham University on Saturday 28th October. The first competition is known as 'Freshers Comp' as all counting teams, excluding A teams, consist of three 'Freshers' (i.e. students who have never competed for a BULSCA club at a BULSCA competition) and one 'Returner' (a club member who has competed in previous seasons). This competition ensures that every BULSCA club brings as many members as possible to compete and gives newcomers to the sport a chance to shine! The competition is followed by food and a social - each BULSCA Competition has a themed social and we are eagerly awaiting Nottingham to reveal their plans for this year.

The second league competition this year will be held at Bristol University on Saturday 4th November. There are no team restrictions in this competition, so each club will put forward their strongest team combinations in order to try and win as many points as possible for both the A and B leagues. It is at the second competition of the year that the hard work and training from the start of the academic year pays off. With previous team members graduating, new Freshers arriving and Returners looking to improve on last years' performance, it will be exciting to see which clubs will be fighting it out at the top of the league this season.

Third up is Sheffield Competition on the 18th November! Despite being the newest BULSCA club, Sheffield have had excellent results both in competing and running competitions and will be looking to put their own spin on the competition to ensure it is one to remember. There will have been a two week break between Bristol and Sheffield, and although that does not sound like long, I promise that it will have been long enough for teams to recognise where their strengths and weaknesses lie from the first two competitions of the year and they will be looking to change up the leaderboard at this competition.

The final league competition of 2017 will be held by Warwick on 2nd December. A final competition before the end of term will really highlight just how much progress you can make as a lifesaver with just a few months hard work and training. It is at this point that it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate between Freshers and Returners and it is all to play for within both leagues.