The competition report for Warwick Competition has now been uploaded - enjoy!

The fourth competition of the 2017-2018 BULSCA Season and the final one of 2017 was held at Warwick University on Saturday 2nd December. Twenty-nine teams attended this competition, including local community team Keynsham A.  

As usual, the first event of the competition was the Dry SERC. This SERC was unusual in the lack of casualties presented to the team. But what the casualties lacked in number, they did not disappoint in difficulty.


The overall event was won by Loughborough A, followed by Bristol A in 2nd and Birmingham C in 3rd. In the A league results, Warwick A came 3rd and in the B league, Birmingham B came 2nd and Birmingham D came 3rd – a hat trick of excellent result for Birmingham B teams in this event!


In terms of the casualty scores for this event; the overall category was won by Bristol A. The phone was won by Loughborough A as was the unconscious non-breathing and the broken arm. The impaled shoulder injury coupled with shock was won by Birmingham B.


In the Wet SERC event, Birmingham A won gold overall, followed by Bristol A in silver and Loughborough E in bronze. In the A league, Warwick A came 3rd and in the B league (4th overall – only 1 point behind Loughborough E), Birmingham B came 2nd and Loughborough B came 3rd.


In terms of the casualty scores for the Wet SERC; the highest overall mark went to Birmingham A, the highest phone call to Bristol A and Casualty 5 was won by Plymouth B.


The unconscious non-breathing was won by Warwick B, Casualty 1 was won by Nottingham A and Casualties 3 and 4 were won by Birmingham G. Casualties 2 and 9 were won by Birmingham B and Casualties 7 and 8 were won by Warwick C.


Apologies for the vague casualty titles here, these will be updated when the final results are released!


Twelve teams managed to finish this event at this competition, and nine teams managed to get all members in without penalties. Of these, Bristol A came 1st overall, Birmingham A 2nd and Bristol B third. In the A league, Loughborough A came 3rd and for the B league, 2nd went to Loughborough C and 3rd place was tied between Birmingham B and Birmingham H.


It was a hat trick for Loughborough Students Lifesaving Club in this event. Loughborough A achieved gold overall with a new BULSCA record, shaving two seconds off the previous time. They were followed by Loughborough B in second and Loughborough D in third. In the A team results, Birmingham A managed second (6th overall) and Bristol A came third (7th overall). For the B league, Loughborough E came 3rd (4th overall).


For the final event of the competition, Birmingham A managed to prevent Loughborough teams from claimed all three podium finishes as they managed third place. Loughborough B came second overall, 29 seconds behind Loughborough A who managed to set another BULSCA record, 8 seconds faster than their previous time. Their time in this event nearly broke the six minute mark, no doubt this will be one of their main goals going into 2018. For the A league, Bristol A picked up third place and for the B league, Loughborough E came 2nd and Birmingham C achieved 3rd.


The overall competition win went to Birmingham A, silver to Bristol A and bronze to Loughborough A. For the league results; Loughborough A collected 10 points for the A league, holding onto their unbroken lead in terms of league points this season. They were followed by Birmingham A in second and Bristol A in third.


For the B league, Loughborough B claimed 10 points and Birmingham B achieved 9. This resulted in breaking the tie between both clubs and Loughborough currently sit at the top of both leagues. Loughborough C came third in the B league but as 4th place went to Bristol B, they managed to pull away from Sheffield and win the third-place tie that had resulted from Sheffield competition.


The competition for the B league is still very close and every club knows that they have a lot to do if they want to finish the season on top. Our next competition will be held at the University of Birmingham in February and will give all teams plenty of opportunities for improvement in the meantime!


See you in Birmingham!