Warwick University held the 4th BULSCA League competition of the academic year on Saturday 9th February. 25 teams of 4 competed, with the order of the day as standard - teams competed their way through a dry and aquatic SERC, rope throw relay, medley relay and swim and tow relay.


In the dry SERC, Bristol A scored the highest number of points, Warwick A second most and Birmingham A third most points. Bristol B scored the highest marks from the overall judge, followed by Keynsham A, Birmingham B and Warwick A.


In the wet SERC, the Birmingham/Loughborough hybrid team came in 1st, Bristol A in 2nd and Birmingham B in 3rd, who also scored the highest number of points from the overall judge. Only 5 teams successfully made a phone call, with Birmingham/Loughborough A scoring the most points for the phone. 


Bristol B came first in the rope throw relay, with a time of 1:37.92. Warwick A and Birmingham A tied in 2nd place with a time of 1:39.87. A total of 8 teams finished the relay with all 4 team members in without penalty. 


In the medley relay, Loughborough dominated the podium with their A team in first with a time of 1:50.07, B team in second with 1:55.56 and D team in third with a time of 1:56.87.


In the swim and town relay, Loughborough A came in first again with a time of 6:12.16, Warwick A followed in second with a time of 6:34.81 and Loughborough B in third with a time of 6:39.63.


The final league results as follows...


B League:

1st - Loughborough B 2nd - Loughborough C 3rd - Birmingham B

4th - Bristol B

5th - Sheffield B

6th - Bristol C

7th - Loughborough E

8th - Warwick B

9th - Loughborough D

10th - Birmingham C

11th - Loughborough F

12th - Warwick C

13th - Birmingham D

14th - Nottingham B

15th - Birmingham F

16th - Birmingham E


A League:

1st - Bristol A 2nd - Birmingham A 3rd - Loughborough A

4th - Warwick A

5th - Nottingham A

6th - Sheffield A


Overall top 3:

1st - Bristol A

2nd - Birmingham A

3rd - Loughborough A

The full results, with all overall places can be found on the results page.


Thank you to Warwick for organising another great competition, and thank you to all judges and helpers who helped make the day run smoothly!