Over the last month, BULSCA Lifesaving clubs across the country have attended their University Welcome Fairs and Sports Fairs. These events are an opportunity to provide information to new and returning students about Lifesaving, answer their questions and persuade them to give the sport a go! Whether its sport, first aid only or just a new social group to meet up with, Lifesaving has something for everyone!

Each Lifesaving Club within BULSCA has something different to offer their members, but usually all are able to provide an opportunity to work towards gaining and maintaining a lifesaving and/or lifeguard qualification, such as the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) and awards from the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) Survive and Save series. These awards have enabled many students to go on to work at summer camps in the USA, securing part time work as a lifeguard whilst studying during term time (or a full time lifeguarding job during the holidays) and also provides paid and volunteering opportunities at large sporting events and music festivals.

Many clubs get involved with community outreach work within their local area and also within the Universities themselves, by collaborating with other student clubs and groups. There is a range of outreach work that can be carried out, whether it is teaching someone how to save a baby's life or how to carry out basic first aid at work. For some members, their main focus is on the community side of Lifesaving and spreading the knowledge of how to help another person in an emergency situation. 

Finally, the key focus for most clubs is the sporting element. At BULSCA competitions, club members compete in teams of 4 to showcase their first aid and rescuing abilities as a cohesive team before having a bit of fun with a variety of speed based swimming events, with a lifesaving twist of course! Attending competitions is a great way to meet people from other Universities, expand friendship circles and results in a fun weekend for all involved. Many members choose not to compete, but instead come along to the competition as a helper - usually to act as a casualty in a SERC (Simulated Emergency Rescue Competition) and socialise with the rest of the Lifesaving community.


Here are some of the stalls put together by clubs at their University Fairs, if you are a University Student and interested in Lifesaving, follow the links to the club pages or visit them on Facebook! Clubs not listed here can be found on our Find A Club page.

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