Date: 29th February and 1st of March


Location: Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Bristol

We would like to say a huge thank you to Thekla, Camp Canada, Kind and Boost for partnering up with us this year.

Camp Canada


Camp Canada is the leading Canadian summer camp agency. Every year they send thousands of young adults from around the UK to work at a summer camp in the heart of Canada. Roles at camp include camp counsellors and activity specialists. As an activity specialist, you can spend your summer by the lake working as a lifesaver with campers, earning money, making lifelong friends, and then you will have up to 6 months to explore one of the most breathtaking and diverse counties in the world.





Entry Pack: 

Entry Pack Google Drive


Informative Documents:

Championships Competition Rules & RLSS Speeds Rules (see Google Drive documents folder linked above)

All 4 parts of BULSCA competition manual (documents in the Governance section of our website)


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