Swansea University Lifesaving Team are a group of students who are passionate about lifesaving and wish to encourage others to join their enthusiasm!



We welcome students of all abilities, from people who haven’t a clue about lifesaving to GB lifesaving competitors! Our aim is to educate our members about lifesaving in a fun, social way! Our team is very close, we support and help each other during club training and outside training hours! And now offer Survive and Save courses to our members!

We have many ‘interesting socials!’; ranging from a nice sober social of mini golf to the lifesaving drinking Olympics! We also attend many competitions, meaning we have weekends away during the year!



We train twice a week! @ the Wales National Pool!

One fitness water session which includes building stamina and endurance; it acts as a swimming session to prepare for competitions throughout the year!

One skill-based session in which we work and learn lifesaving skills including rope throwing, manikin holding and towing, competition skills and water-based first aid scenarios! This increases knowledge about life saving but also improves teamwork and skills that are important to have in life!

We are hoping to have a couple of dry side training sessions or beach sessions including fitness and first aid!



Club Achievements:

Overall Championships 4th @ BULSCA Student Championships 2020

Overall Speeds 2nd @ BULSCA Student Championships 2020

Men’s Team Speeds 2nd @ BULSCA Student Championships 2020



Facebook: fb.com/swanseauniversitylifesavingteam

Instagram: @sulifesaving

Twitter: ​ @SULifesaving

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.swansea-union.co.uk/activities/club/lifesaving