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Welcome to the BULSCA Wiki

This wiki contains all the information you will need as a member of BULSCA. There are pages on how to run a club, a competition and many more. You will find advice from previous members as well as tips and hints to make your life easier. In addition, the rules and constitution have been included to make it as easy as possible to fully participate in BULSCA.

The BULSCA committee welcomes your input with this wiki and invites you to modify and include additional information for the benefit of every member. Pages on this Wiki can be modified by members of the main site and will be moderated by committee members, you can create your accounts here:

How to use this Wiki and the Rules

Any registered member of the main website can edit this wiki, all posts and edits will be moderated by the committee.

You are free to add any content you wish that you think will benefit BULSCA Clubs or Members including; lesson/training plans, tips for writing SERCs or performing lifesaving skills.

You may link to external content, but must not copy external content to this site. Any content that is not your own, must be referenced, or it will be removed.

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Known Issues

Brief: When saving modifications to a page, the page will not always load.
Details: When saving or loading pages on the wiki, you may be taken to an error page stating that there is an 'Fatal exception of type MWException'
Workaround: Refresh the error page, you will be asked if you want to resubmit the data, confirm that you do.