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What makes a BULSCA Competition?

BULSCA league competitions are all about enjoying the experience of competing, putting the skills you learn into practice and making new friends! Competitions provide the perfect opportunity for lifesavers to demonstrate their skills as a team and to see how they respond under pressure. Each league competition consists of two elements - SERCs and Speeds. Competitions are followed by food, results and a social - a great opportunity to make new friends, share knowledge, and celebrate successes!

SERCs Simulated Emergency Response Competitions

SERCs are the ultimate test of lifesavers’ skills, teamwork, and knowledge.
They carry greater weighting in the overall competition scoring than the speed events.

In a set time, between two and three minutes, a team of four must assess the situation and then respond by rescuing and treating any number of casualties. A good team will prioritise the different casualties, treating those with the greatest need first.

The scope of the incident depends largely on the writer’s imagination; in the past, incidents have ranged from the conventional drowning in a pool, or choking in a restaurant, to the more extreme such as a plane crash, a climbing accident or a ship sinking.


League competitions also consist of team speed relays. Speed events test the fitness of a lifesaver and their ability to use their skills quickly.

Events include a Line Throw Relay, a Swim and Tow relay, and one additional speed event of the hosting club’s choice from the list below. Full details for each event can be found in the BULSCA Competition Manual.

All BULSCA league competitions consist of a 4x12m Line throw and a 4x100m Swim & Tow Relay.
The competition organiser can then choose one other event to count towards the league:

  • a 4x50m Obstacle Relay
  • a 4x25m Manikin Carry Relay
  • a 4x50m Medley Relay.

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