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Mental health and wellbeing

Student well-being and mental health is a huge topic and one that is really important. Amongst essays, coursework, exams, housing, friendships, relationships, cooking and living independently… university life can throw a lot at you! There are simple things you can do to look after your well-being but also remember just as you would if you were physically unwell, it is really important to reach out for help if you have concerns about your mental health or wellbeing.

If you are struggling with your well-being or mental health and would like to speak to someone about this more, please see the resources below:

Resources for immediate access:

For medical advice please always call 111 (non-urgent) or 999 if you or someone you are with is an immediate danger to themselves or others.

Below are links to resources for you to access in your own time. Trying to find the right support can be overwhelming, especially in times of difficulty. Please remember to reach out to someone you trust. If you aren’t sure who to speak to please contact me at [email protected] for further guidance. Reaching out to someone is a difficult but often a great first step.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Sexual Assault and Harassment

Support for Minority Groups

Help at My Uni

Each of your respective universities has its own well-being services; if you are struggling to find these, they are linked below:

Birmingham Warwick Bristol Nottingham Oxford Swansea Plymouth Southampton Loughborough Sheffield Durham


There are two ways in which you can raise a concern or report a welfare issue to me as the BULSCA Welfare Officer. The first is to email me at [email protected]. This way is by nature not confidential but you can provide as many or as few details as you would like to. This will be followed up and dealt with confidentiality and in line with BULSCA policy and your wishes.

Alternatively, suppose you would simply like to draw the Welfare Officer’s attention to an issue or incident without providing any personal details. In that case, you can do so using the reporting form below. Welfare Reporting Form

The use of the welfare reporting form does not initiate disciplinary action. Instead provides the opportunity for further support and signposting.

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