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About Us

Oxford University Lifesaving Club is a small, friendly club, dedicated to learning lifesaving skills for use in, on and around water. We were founded in 1995 and train twice a week during term time at the Rosenblatt Pool on Iffley Road.


 On Tuesdays we spend an hour out of the pool, practising first aid skills or learning lifesaving theory before heading to the pool to hone our aquatic rescue skills. Then on Thursday evenings we focus on speed lifesaving, improving swimming technique and developing stamina in preparation for competitions.


Our training sessions are great preparation for competing in lifesaving competitions, in addition to working towards RLSS National Lifesaving Academy awards. In lifesaving competitions we work in a team to respond to simulated emergencies and compete in speed events such as the rope throw relay and the swim and tow relay.


Over the coming year we hope to attend more competitions and grow our club further.


Training Times

Weeks 1-8 MTTuesday19:30-21:00First Aid/TheoryIffley Road Sports
Weeks 1-8 MTTuesday21:00-22:30Lifesaving SkillsRosenblatt Pool
Weeks 1-8 MTThursday21:00-22:30Lifesaving SportRosenblatt Pool

Our training times may change throughout the term. Keep an eye on our mailing list for updates.



Get In Touch

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Membership Information

Drop us an email or facebook message if you would like to join us at one of our training sessions.


It costs £40 to join our club for the academic year 2023-24, but some colleges offer reimbursement for sports memberships. 


Speak to one of the committee for more details.



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Exciting News


Nottingham Freshers' Comp

On Saturday 11th November, four of us competed in the BULSCA Freshers’ Competition. Being an A team was both a curse and a blessing. We had a pretty long isolation - 39th out of 39th in the SERC draw. Our treatments after a lion attack landed us in 6th place for the dry. If only we read to the end of the wet SERC brief …


Next up it was time for speeds. We got 3 out of 4 casualties in on the rope throw, and managed to knock 12 seconds of our entry time for swim and tow. 


It was a great day, which we wrapped up at 5 Guys before heading home. Thanks to Nottingham and BULSCA for organising a wonderful comp.

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Southampton Comp

Our second competition of the season saw us donning lab coats and goggles in the dry SERC and escaping a sinking boat in the wet. After a great showing in Speeds to end an action-packed day, it was time to head home. Thank you to Southampton ULSC and BULSCA for organising a fantastic event, we had a great time!

Oxford A stood on poolside smiling


Watch this space for more exciting news!

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